Bourbon Slush

Last weekend my brother had his annual crawfish boil. Something that I had honestly never experiences until we moved to Houston in 2013 during the heart of crawfish season. Down here it is in people’s blood and the short-lived season is embraced by all the restaurants, grocery stores, and the locals. It’s a blast and the food of course is the soul of the enjoyment.

2014 Crawfish Boil  2014 Crawfish Boil

2014 Crawfish Boil 2014 Crawfish Boil

A standard crawfish boil involves buying the little buggers, cleaning them, and then boiling them in copious amounts of seasoning with or along potatoes and corn. My brother also does shrimp, sausage, and mushrooms – all of which were equally fabulous. The crawfish is king though and there is no experience like gathering around a long table with a cooler full of fresh, hot crawfish. You laugh, peel, and enjoy good company while everyone makes a huge mess and gets dirty, dirty, dirty. Parties like these call for special drinks and so does this beautiful Spring weather – that means Bourbon Slush has to make an appearance.

2014 Crawfish Boil 2014 Crawfish Boil

Bourbon Slush is a recipe my darling friend, Amy, introduced me to years ago when I visited her in Kansas. It’s sweet, tangy, frozen goodness. It has the sweetness of orange juice and lemonade, the burn of bourbon, but it’s icy and will keep you cool at any outdoor event. I make it a couple days ahead so it will be good and frozen, but you could make it quicker by freezing the mix in ice-cube trays. You would need A LOT of trays though – just a heads up. Either way everyone will ooh and aah and then promptly ask how you made it, because folks it’s that good and the perfect outdoor Spring-Summer punch.


Fifth of bourbon (750 mil)
we have used everything from Evan Williams(which has a nice sour mash twang)
to Makers Mark which has a bold and more pleasant flavor. 
3 cups sugar
2 Tablespoons instant tea, unsweetened 
1 container orange juice concentrate, plus 4 of water
1 container lemonade concentrate, plus 4 of water
2 liter of lemon-lime soda or ginger-ale for serving
DIRECTIONS: In a very large seal-able container (or your biggest mixing bowl) combine Bourbon, sugar, and instant tea; whisk until sugar is dissolved and tea granules are completely dissolved. Add orange and lemonade concentrate and water; stir until evenly combined.  Now you can divide it up or leave in your large Tupperware; cover and freeze for 36-48 hours if you are freezing the whole batch together.  
Bourbon Slush
When you are ready to serve remove from the freezer and break-up the slush with a fork; scoop into cups and top with some lemon-lime soda; stir and serve. The soda and icy mixture combine to make a beautiful slushy texture. Enjoy!
Lovin’ the season,

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